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  Creation :
  Adresse : Immeuble SAADI, tour AB, Appt 26 - 1082 El Menzah IV Tunis
  Ville : TUNIS
  C. Postal : 1082
  Pays : Tunisie
  Télephone : + 216 71 230 503
  Tél2 :
  Fax : + 216 71 230 513
  E-mail : Contacter TOPIC  TUNISIE via Annuaire Tunisie
  Site web : Visiter le site web de  TOPIC  TUNISIE  
  1er responsable :
  Portable :
  Activité: Industrie
Produits : Douleb West

The prospecting phase will take place current 2008 and 2009. It consists of the following activities:
• Acquisition and processing of 30 km seismic 2D.
• Reprocessing of 300 km seismic Data
• Geological and geophysical studies.

If the results of the above activities show interests, TOPIC will ask to transform the prospecting bloc to exploration bloc.

The exploration phase will take place beginning 2010 for a 3 years period. It consists of the following activities:
1. Geological and Geophysical studies.
2. Additional Seismic Acquisition and processing.
3. Drilling one well.

Jelma program

The exploration phase will take place current 2008. It consists of the following activities:
1. Additional Seismic Acquisition and processing (200 km).
2. Drilling campaign. This activity includes:
a. Preparation of Pre-drilling geologic reports
b. Drilling the first exploratory well
c. Drilling the second exploratory well
d. Post drilling studies.

If the results of the committed seismic and exploration activities in “JELMA” bloc leads to economical recoverable reserves, the companies (HTC, TOPIC, ETAP) will create a joint-venture company to develop these reserves.

Halk El Menzel (HelM)
Miocene reservoir development
The concept
Different options have been studied to develop the Miocene reservoirs, the most attractive and cost effective option is a mobile units consisting of a Mobile Offshore Application Barge (MOAB) and a moored Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) tanker that together will comprise the installed facilities. The production wells will be drilled using a Compact modular Drilling Rig to be located on the upper deck of the MOAB Hull. The drilling Rig will be demobilized after completion of the intended production wells.
The MOAB is designed according to the Overdick’s self installing platform concept, which enables its transport and installation at the field location without the use of heavy offshore construction and lifting vessels.
The hull of the MOAB is designed to be self-floating with the substructure attached. Its structure is of Shipbuilding type being similar to the hull of a jack-up barge. The substructure is a jacket type structure with four main legs.
The MOAB uses a temporary lifting system (strand jacking system) to lower the substructure to the seabed and to elevate the hull to the required level above the sea level. Future relocation of the MOAB is based on the reversed operations.
The MOAB will be outfitted with its process plant and shelter emergency accommodation, allowing operation of the MOAB as an integrated wellhead and production platform.

The conceptual design as carried out shows that the MOAB concept is technically feasible and offers a viable alternative to conventional platforms. This concept is a further development based on the ones already installed in the South China Sea and the North Sea, and the one being constructed in Morocco to be installed in Golf of Guinea.
The whole system (structure, structure and appurtenances) has been certified by recognized international classification society.

The Drilling
It is planned to drill three horizontal production wells with dry wellheds located on the MOAB Deck. ESP Pumps of 8000 bpd will be landed on the top of the 7” liner on the vertical section.

The drilling is proposed to be carried out using a Compact and modular offshore drilling to be installed on the top of the MOAB Hull.

The Facilities
The entire process facilities will be located on the MOAB decks.
The produced fluids flow from the down hole ESP pumps through the Manifold to the first stage separator as free water knock out vessel. Demulsifiers will be injected in the manifold to break the emulsion and facilitate the oil / water separation. The oil stream from the first separator is heated to around 60° C by direct electric heater and routed to the second stage separator. The oil then flows to an electrostatic coalescer before it is pumped through a subsea pipeline to the floating barge for storage.

Produced water from the first stage is treated using hydro cyclone and a degassing vessel to remove the oil down to 40 ppm before it is disposed overboard

The storage capacity for the FSO will be such as to enable normal parcel sizes of 500,000 barrels to be exported by shuttle tanker whilst retaining sufficient excess capacity to accommodate weather delay in shuttle tanker operations without compromising production.
The FSO will be moored at around one mile from the MOAB, the mooring system will of weathervane type and will ensure mooring on tandem of the shuttle tanker.
The delivery and operation
TOPIC contracting strategy is focused on subcontracting to the maximum extend all field facilities.
The main and specefic asset to be build is the MOAB (other facilities could be chartered and upgraded to address project requirement where they are).
The construction of the MOAB will be performed in Tunisia at the port of Sfax. TOPIC has already rented a construction yard having access to a suitable quayside location which meets the requirements for load bearing, access and storage. The same yard has been used by SEREPT for the construction of the ASHTART FIELD DAA project Topsides. As the MOAB is made of a Hull (topside), a four legs Jacket type structure, fabrication can be split between different marine and industrial subcontractors.

R&D program

Alternatives to fossil fuels, biofuels, wind energy and solar energy will become an increasingly important part of the world’s energy solution and may grow to supply more than 30% of the world’s demand for energy.

TOPIC intends to mobilize adequate expertise and means to focus on local researches that may contribute with cost effective solutions to produce extra energy to support local efforts to fill gaps in the domestic market energy supply.

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